We are located inside of the Cornelius Public Library.
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"Absolutely delicious coffee and tamales. A combination that I never thought I would try but here I am. Their champurrado espresso is to die for."

Ben W.


"Definitely check this place out! Juan and Alex are great and their coffee is delicious. They take pride in their original drinks and it shows!"

Kieran S.


"Great, quiet coffee shop with a delicious selection of beverages. The owner is very friendly and has created a warm, relaxing atmosphere. This has become my favorite hideaway in Albany!"

Jody L.


"Coffee was absolutely amazing! Great Prices! Cozy little shop and I knew exactly what I was getting, no surprises. Scones looked delicious but I wasn't hungry quite yet. Will be returning to see if the scones are as delicious as the coffee."

Dan R.


"Very cozy shop, with excellent coffee and very helpful staff. Their coffee is a little different with a very distinct traditional Mexican twist on it, but this is one if the best cups of coffee I have ever had. 10/10 would recommend."

Zach R.


"After recommending Universal Coffee to my guests we made a visit & they, including myself, enjoyed (understatement) the coffee. Today's espresso was Nicaraguan & cold brew Guatemalan. The espresso was flavorful & delighting, while the cold brew smooth & subtle."


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